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urge a solo exhibition by the Bangkok-based Japanese artist, Soichiro Shimizu.

Supples Fine Art is delighted to present urge, a solo exhibition by the Bangkok-based Japanese artist, Soichiro Shimizu.

Shimizu delves deep into the hidden and profound meaning of cyclicity, through his multidimensional artworks, exploring its significance in every aspect of life, nature and Philosophy.

Within Shimizu’s art, the allure of cycles reveals itself through a multitude of intricate forms. Allowing himself to work instinctively, the artist seeks to illuminate the underlying connections and patterns that bind the universe together. The concept of cyclicity—movements that do not recur as uniform rotations, but appear as chains composed of links each possessing individuality—takes center stage in his exploration. Shimizu artfully questions the prevalence of these organic forms and deconstructs his own methods in pursuit of the answer.

Like oceans circulating ceaselessly around the world, Shimizu’s artistic process embodies dynamism, culminating in continuous, impulsive movements that reverberate throughout his work. Layers upon layers are meticulously built through a physical rhythm of amplified motions, as the artist infuses his creations with the energy of his being. It is within this delicate balance of creation and destruction that he uncovers the residue of his past, aligning it with his present self, ultimately revealing what has always been there, thus ending with the beginning.

Shimizu’s works epitomize contemporary art. Deeply influenced by the ever-changing world that surrounds him, his artistic practice reflects the interconnectedness of human and nature, exploring a myriad of techniques and themes from ancient to modern times.

Deciphering his own innate urge to create, this exhibition not only examines the ubiquity of cycles, but embodies a journey of self discovery and exploration.


Artist: Soichiro Shimizu

Exhibition Title: urge

Gallery: Supples Fine Art

Location: Supples Fine Art, 11/1, Charoen Krung 24, Talat Noi, Sub-District, Bangkok 10100 Date: 3rd August – 3rd October

About The Artist

Born in Tokyo in 1966, Soichiro Shimizu studied and worked in New York before moving to London and then Bangkok. His paintings and engravings explore the duality of opposite aesthetic forces noted to the existence and deterioration of man and nature.

About The Gallery

Founded in 2020, and opening their Bangkok space in 2023, Supples Fine Art offers an unparalleled collection of modern and contemporary art, showcasing renowned artists from the secondary market alongside a rotating program of emerging artists from Thailand and around the world.

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